Friday, April 21, 2017

forever crashing into the goofiest realm

 the diorite tamar
 hovers silently
 amid the globular diorama
 of amorous tamarind
 a black silk tenetacle
 bullending the already
 blind statue
 of loose voice
 wedded to some
 violent mask you lined

 there were lines
 written inside the mask
 whose letters were raised up in praise
 but made of glass
 for after the levi-
 tation of the dark wonder
 of the tamarind
 the sour

 hovers lilacly
 milkweed prevariant
 phonolite stamen pitch
 ore pollen dirge
 to weep fantangentastically
 polyhohexadextrous micro ghee
 o my trees

 golden snowflakes in the round
 and rotated
 upon a spherical axle
 of valuelessness
 or mourning
 at the total blind causal
 caudal laocoon

 a baroque penurite
 by adam
 new born and perfect
 the architecture of its ego
 somehow illustrating
 the actual ferality
 of some dimension of the abstract
 for which there are places

 hung tang
 you could seem to be
 in an immense hospital
 with walls like elaborating shards
 but some autonomies
 never go there

 to the endless golden snow
 of microscopic jewelry
 a plankton
 of disembodied