Friday, April 21, 2017

calm joke wad hole

 here the periplus
 of the collective salvation
 is drawn out into a thin
 confusing filament
 nearly transparent
 and the monkey
 who twangs it
 looks haggard
 taking as her restbook
 the monochord omen
 of no twilight for aggregation
 the periplus stretched even thinner
 because even the fat walls
 of this or that
 corl only by cabin wits
 to the emotion
 of this frail
 baroque huddle
 glass anemone helmets
 whispher on the shelf
 and sulphur to the busket
 there is a foam
 which arises from the beating
 of the cream
 harsh lava columns coo
 the seam
 here the periplus
 of the collective salvation
 land rising up or singing down
 into the ocean
 geezer thrones

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