Friday, April 21, 2017

ode to a hollow gland

 shadow hoplites move
 through a transparent cylinder
 high over the gulf of tadjoura
 their origin uncertain
 their destination unknown
 their movement stylized
 nonetheless once their bundle has passed
 there remains in the sky
 what the people of moucha island call
 biibiile cad
 or dhululubo hufan

 chris bertish has arrived in antigua
 and it is announced that he
 will play the role of egeon
 in shakespeare's a comedy of errors
 primarily an honorary role
 it is assumed that mister bertish
 will eschew speech and instead
 translate the language into a new
 and unique form of paddle semaphore

 antigua is the very home
 of these kinds of island verities

 owing more to imagination
 than to whatever reality pushes into negativity
 ahead of it
 as in 'getting ahead of it'
 which means primarily the ability to shield
 naive eyes
 from that lack of structure they herald wildly
 and which has found a warm home in our world
 or that place which sir richard burton called

 that the last line of the play
 must always describe
 the absence of a pointy slipper

 qof ayaa ka tagay
 ay dacas halkan

 in accident shrine's
 on mandala pendule