Friday, April 21, 2017

le regard tourni terni

 silver pingpong ball
 when you have capsized
 in the deep recesses
 of the story canal network
 resembling an emblem
 lowered from a golgi apparatus

 that the hunter prey relationship
 is fitted with stabilizing paddles
 that you may perforate or hyphenate
 with your spectacularist atomizer
 thereby gaining hyperneutic access
 to a refitting of the underside
 of surface area

 platinum odile renaming particle of round
 if there is some noumenal odalisque
 coiling newt-like in your plurpomal braggage
 double it
 and cross their skull-braguettes
 into a syphoma-lurid mimic of
 'do you see the bottom floaters'

 and do you see the bladder arcimboldi
 sky manque torso
 down below the surface's door
 it's top (and howl plurumbo)

 how will they notice
 greyball of enamel tooth
 that the prison itself
 is already a shanking
 and its perforated paddles
 are of kind silver rubbing odalisque-like
 with platinum
 to surface in piano forte' labidum

 heavy iron polished sphere ball
 i see yu wear yur monocle
 of dis-spellings

 perhaps you think
 the story of the ordering
 of the world word
 should be crowned
 the leader of the banner?

 i think
 spherical mirrors of silver gelatin
 should rule
 from dense computational surfaces
 of capsized hands

 should gloat their foot pads
 with the glands of science

 but all is pond
 its craft a unitary singing
 of macaque scab