Friday, April 21, 2017


 for a long time gonzago
 ima gonna go gonzo
 gonzago for a long time

 gonzago led the way
 and with a nose bright and dark
 if this darkened nose offend

 ply the rose
 with gonzago only knows
 o rose nosed gonzago
 gone gonzo overnight

 for a long time running
 if gonzago would see the eye
 he would hear this curious phrase
 this is what alloys us

 perpetual warrior
 go down among the plagues
 and be a plague
 a playful goo

 a guest of play
 for a long time gonzago
 was the guest of play

 whose nose was a rose
 and cast reflow solder ovens

 there is a dank witch penguin omen
 which pen

 is a candle pen
 gonzago gone to
 seed in deep harness state

 conpetual sleep orrior