Thursday, April 13, 2017

in the dream

 i live in an industrial commune which actually has quite a lot of equipment. it's a decent facility with an extensive machine shop, wood-working area, complex fabrication machines etc., but as i go to lunch one day with a friend i notice it has a tiny lock on the door like the ones they put on older monochrome luggage of the early 60's. it's really just an ornamental stamped metal lock involved in an unlikely and frankly rotten looking improvisation of soggy looking wooden slat-pieces. then the person i am with says, 'is vegan okay?' i reply with 'is it indian or persian food?' the person says 'it's martha's cafe'.' then i say something like 'i don't want no bad hippy food..' the person leaves for martha's. i stand around and finally meet the neighbors, two guys have opened an 'umbrella hat' factory next to the industrial commune presumably to get cheap fabrication services for their aluminum tube stock cutting requirements or something i decide. they come out of the doors in a blast of horrid solvent smells, and i think these guys must be brain dead to work in that, and when they talk they definitely do sound brain damaged, but only in terms of motor skills, their minds are sharp. they produce gorgeous, intricate, elaborate 3 to 5 tiered pagoda umbrella hats, some have minor fin-like side umbrellas, some of the struts are elongated and read as fringe, etc.. really weird pop art i think, but these guys look atrocious, even their faces are kind of sagging.. i think them (thank them) for sharing themselves, and politely leave to try to find an indian restaurant in the neighborhood.. i end up eating in a place called 'the roman cave' in which i do find an indian food stall, but don't like the looks of it either. i finally find martha's inside the 'roman cave' underground shopping area and have a nice Spaghetti alla puttanesca. my commune co-worker shoots me the peace sign from a another table where he's eating a sprout sandwich with maybe a bean patty..