Friday, April 21, 2017


 so a glass jaw
 and a poodle walk into a bar
 together and simultaneously
 order a drink called
 "Crates Breaks His Leg In A Sewer"
 which turns out to be
 vodka with a little flower water
 into which a sugar-crystal coated
 string is deposited
 but the funny thing
 is how they toast for the occasion
 by raising their drinks
 and hollering ZAKUSKI!
 at the bar-keep
 who ignores them completely
 continuing to work on her
 scale-model of Varro's
 birdhouse at Casinum
 but then thinking better of it
 brings over a little signboard
 and props it up in front of them:
 "Don't feed the Birds.."
 The poodle lights a cigarette
 in protest.