Friday, April 21, 2017

in the dream

 someone has left
 a perfect plastic replica
 of the head of christopher lee
 on the tawny leather divan
 in my studio

 the divan is long and so
 the rather large oblong head
 looks small sitting as if it were
 a real head alive and lying down
 but with its eyes closed

 and the divan is strange
 like something you'd see in the 1970
 british tv sci-fi series UFO
 starring ayshea brough and ed bishop
 and i guess by strange i mean
 that its upholstery is tuck and roll
 but resembles a soft honeycomb
 created from hexagonal sections
 which isn't ordinary
 a diamond shape would be ordinary

 and you know just as i was formulating
 the strangeness of the divan
 christopher lee began to speak
 or rather mumble: that it's not necessarily
 the hypothesis of 'a hundred different events'
 all resulting from the same causal sequence
 that we consider a chimera worth refuting
 but rather that the possibilities that do arise
 are in some way an illustration of an
 apriori totalization

 and then his language broke off
 as a long yellow pencil
 began to grow from his mouth
 the long yellow pencil continued to grow
 until crossed the room at nearly a perfect
 45 degree angle until it touched the ceiling
 and started to draw a line across the ceiling
 until it came to the upper corner
 where it met the wall and stopped

 it was then that i really began to understand
 that the contingency of laws
 was wholly responsible
 for the disorder of representations
 and that disorder was perfect
 and eternal
 and that the whole time
 i had been sitting and listening to
 christopher lee speak
 i hadn't noticed
 that his skin was a pale
 pea green color
 and also
 that i had no feet
 but instead
 steel orbs embedded in sockets
 and lubricated
 by what in most accounts
 would have to be called

 and that thought like grass
 is just something that grows
 in the great green geology of fields or
 the process of consciousness