Thursday, April 13, 2017

in the dream

 my wife and i live in a drab tan institutional dormitory and at daybreak she is allowed to sleep in, but i am supposed to drag two large turquoise colored trunks out into the wide main linoleum tiled hall and arrange them into a 'dotted line' with the other male residents. the floor tiles look like faded scuffed linoleum versions of endpapers from old books. i am also supposed to place a black portfolio on top of one of the trunks, it doesn't matter which.
 i am worried about loud noises, and try not to make them. all of this must be done naked, and i don't exactly care for the procedure, but it is the law.

 later, in an excruciatingly slow pace it seems to me, in a dark room with a single bright light, i carefully inspect what appears to be an ancient translucent alabaster version of the modern chinese food take out box, growing slightly more apprehensive as i take in its details. at first i see what i think are left over grains of rice stuck to the side walls, but upon closer inspection find that they are extremely tiny and slow military cortèges which carry enormous crysalises, pale green-faced fungal pharaohs helmeted in baroque corn fuzz, shrivelled odalisques made of sugar cured olives, a litany of bizarre combinations, a hovering rod of cherubs, blue ooze with a crystalline quality, each in its own smooth miniscule military 'rice grain' sarcophagus which remains enormous in the context of its own scale, but being carried to nowhere in particular along the side wall of a folded alabaster take out box. i set the box down in a circle of light and leave the dark room.