Friday, April 21, 2017

Chimère bombastique

 a golden wax will accrete
 by ptyx or glomphut
 on the lovely body of venus
 whose hateful stare
 looks out of the well
 where her legs are trapped
 in water purifications

 golden wax could be an indigenous spew
 and it is very likely that the rulling feflexive air
 will soon be an irony overwrought with greep
 upon the lovely body of solipsism

 venus is solipsism
 in its purest ptyx and high xoana
 a golden wax will accrete
 and like the scored head of a poppy
 we will scrape it off to collect
 or discard it
 as strigil raucous baboons
 accretion acculturate accumbent
 accuracy acephalous acetate
 acetone achievement

 and the hateful stare?
 well in much the same way that distance
 tires the rhyme
 our entire gravity is stamped out
 made precious again
 think of all the precious gems
 arranged on the body of the solipsistic venus
 and that her white hot fever
 which pulses erratically

 blinds the jewels
 to emblem
 meandering them
 among themselves
 until their mixings
 await an unknown thing