Friday, April 21, 2017

radical negativity

 and one to me are shame and fame
 but affection never
 was wasted

 grey aliens once
 built a wall
 to keep the ignorant out
 but later reduced it
 to a thin film
 to push the construction's mockery
 even further

 the life of fruits and corn are vast
 their signals go out into the galaxy
 and their names are old
 and soft

 corn is called
 the eraser
 and fruits collectively are called
 ostler or highwaymen

 and they cling to sighs
 like neurons
 in distant skies
 alas the poem is lost

 where long black hair
 is more precious than gold
 and it lives sentient in museums
 in great snaking braids
 reading books

 and throughout which
 no organs (no unitary or disunitary voice)
 keep it erect
 the eraser fruits
 are corn-secret

 there it is
 nameless swarms for eons of joy
 in radical negativity

 with the crown
 barking its own
 sealed off ridiculous

 like glass teeth taffies
 arranged on a boorfuss
 of claret velvet

 or a grasshopper
 landing suddenly
 on a grey alien
 genital drone
 amid the hazel copses