Friday, April 21, 2017

what image?

 could reconnect the voyager in the dunes
 with the terrible antique
 and what quidam could jam or pierce the trunkless
 vastness of this restless dancing desert
 its compressed dew marking surly sables

 with no lame moities to cool with its face
 every breeze would mend this onceness of sorcery
 and every level riddle could wreak animants
 from their commandments' void

 the dighting caisson's sculptour must be
 this loose passion
 whose quiet encore survived
 stamped in the surceasing sorcery of choices
 the lamenting quills of raiment which released
 such currs of queasy nourishment

 for on the surly pedestal
 our wordlessness was appraised
 and with monomy must tussle it seems
 the acheiropoieton of a singular regard
 which survives to surmise it
 as an oeuvre yet possible within
 each moment's despotism

 there is no resting to authorship
 for its decomposition
 remains paving the colossal sands
 to new limits
 and as a solitary sable
 attend the nevus
 of this haughty intention
 this loin of spun hissed panic
 the screen across the poem