Friday, April 21, 2017

come hither

 klang klangen
 robusta farafalla
 pharaoh fallen
 and cannot get up
 yet his chariot still circles diffidently
 through the wondrous halls
 and galleries
 of the ancient and moses parted red sea
 pharaoh please (i guess)
 you are no houellebecq
 or maybe you are
 or maybe you aren't
 i guess it just depends on
 how you react to the idea
 that god is dead
 or rather if he had lived
 and could be contacted
 would you really want to
 (in french) (and only in ancient egyptian)
 is there a reason for noise?
 or is noise noise because there is no reason?
 or is it that noise can become its own reason?
 sui generis
 but without the sui
 and eschewing the generis
 sort of like if the mormon tabernacle choir
 were singing a song called
 'oh what a burdensome thronging horde
 of difference in beliefs about
 which is sort of made to make you
 wince or even better
 sing along!
 thus adding to the noise
 the problem
 the solution
 all at once
 which is really nothing
 at all

 oh noise will be noise
 just let it be

 come hither