Friday, April 21, 2017


 (for "all-eyes" on the blonde)

 wouldn't it be nice
 if we could all stand together
 as rumpuzzelstiltskin

 rum puzzle rum puzzle
 let down your golden snare
 let down

 we're let down
 we're really let down
 we're just

 alice again
 dressed up like a caterpillar
 in a tophat with bunnyears
 hitting the hooka
 getting small with steve martin
 on npr
 thinking about different child brides
 for tutankhamen's clones
 as if we'd installed a heptocracy
 of 7 tutankhamen clones
 in the whitehouse
 playing 'paint it black'
 on little child bride banjos
 with multiple fluffy pink bridge clamps
 with curb-feelers that use wawa-wifi

 we're let us
 we're lettuce alice again
 strolling sadly down the vegetable aisle again
 at wholeprice foodstore
 reading the autocratic asemic foodlabels
 on tweedledee and twaddledoom eggplants
 they've decorated like humpty-dumpty
 with blonde male flip-wig mantas

 we're just let down
 in the era of neu-flarf
 we're just egyptian cat-toys
 with tourist spit all over us

 we're just
 the unjust creations of a justice for all
 or a justice of un-none or something
 we're just alice
 in a streaming video yeti-mobile

 here comes yeti again
 (in a blonde hair tophat)
 i'm late! i'm later!
 i'm later capitalism already!
 i'm alice!

 so, you're a fake alice, you discover.
 you didn't 'get small'
 you didn't 'get tall'
 you couldn't 'get high'
 and there really wasn't a right or left
 so much as a generalized north and south

 the surface has reacted
 and now 7 little bald-headed
 ancient egyptian clones
 are playing the rolling stones on banjo
 in the whitehouse
 which is already in the process of being
 painted black

 did you think for one instance
 that making a healthy vegetable choice
 at the supermarket
 would have such ironic undertones?

 a little riddle