Friday, April 21, 2017

the death of syntax

 (after socrates)

 corruption's must attain
 for some high sweet note
 to be mix-ed

 (or some part of the world tongue's)

 |reason| is a pied piper
 whose name is even adam
 [4] subtle needs no
 golden apple
 no kifiti hutsak joko piyakpiyak
 no visionary heads of
 tuščiaviduriai ludumigra

 or in whatsit:
 the river is no man
 and the frost no lady

 no frost no piper apple
 [site]: golden apple flute
 you whose rib is a cube
 composed of cubes
 each of golden apples
 whose subtle needs no rib
 no ribbons
 when the children turn their backs to song
 to face the song
 of the heraklean leaping
 the tezcactiline if

 so here is the flea
 as capsidized
 by john dee the awber
 dressed in motley futants
 the rake-ed and scurnlit melta

 here is the visionary head
 the bronze bust of blake
 whose forehead was never engraved
 with the symbol of pi
 but was instead hollowed out
 and fitted with zoetrope
 a who-ware's ought
 in glossed codes

 for whom are the pictures?
 the pictures are for me.
 asked and answered.

 flea jesters
 swarm the piper
 and opine with gnawings
 suckings and bite
 of (on) their childlike love
 of nature

 for grace is born to innocence
 with no swellings of the loin
 no rats to fill the coffer
 of the piebald lictors
 of the universal tavern

 experientia docet

 poor hamelin's micawbers know this
 for they were coined and covered
 with rat's tongues of golden fleece
 and took their hemlock gingerly
 in the old blue post tavern

 with their mangy
 or well-groomed dogs by the fire
 seen and seen again
 to be scratching
 with syntax

 with pupæ