Friday, April 21, 2017


 near the cliffs at etretat
 the haughty detective
 krysmopompus rides
 a blue panther fusing
 alones the virsion
 the moire antique
 of the vivisectioned tectonics
 of the sunset beach head

 l'aiguille is some jansenist irony
 to the mongoloid astronaut (arson)
 dionysos emerges whole bodied
 from an image of apollo
 and then becomes an image himself
 but krysmopompus the detective
 is self-conscious graffiti

 faux leopard pattern

 for weeks on television the laughing
 contest raged at the laughing factory
 and there was police nonsense rounding
 it all up and all round
 the psycho-flaneur at the head
 of the international combine of the senses
 turns photo-electric and hollow
 when marie cagliostro reveals
 her ivory grasshopper casque
 is full of grasshoppers

 lupins halo the capital

 illuminating the tyranny of circumstance
 the painter of modern strife
 the haughty detective
 less zero than more zero
 camp in the dogma
 of the video shuttlecock

 each ray of sunset
 thiasus contingent
 impression invective