Thursday, April 13, 2017


 eye-dilation clawed
 wheeple gadget
 pheromone accumulator
 and cover the nose
 with rose shill groom emblem interface
 and the amber armor
 is filled with tiny dead naked people
 preserved in ecstatic confusions
 swimming in vast seas
 of artificial information
 frozen and replicating number spoon
 i give you snake lamprey hope
 of rock for your custom
 and in your thin pierced head
 a sign-sock to slip a worm in
 any worm which floats by
 already footed serenely to its hook bait
 string road calculator
 eye-dilation clawed out by
 oedipus grandiloquant caterpillar fable
 and realigned
 to mammoth breaths
 how we as sponges are led to wipe down
 the warm red stone in its mouth
 how we as sponge bodies
 must not take the stone
 must not caress it for ourselves
 but only guide it universally
 to the ecstasies pooring from the shade of their
 when the face castle denies us
 our daily locus denarius
 forgive us our daily
 breath song locus daily
 and spear us quickly on your chord daily
 daily ore, or but all, but your smooth liver gall
 come pouring, all orbit mud and glass gween pelt grue
 for a rhinestone piglet's nose
 will live in a rotator's chemical alley
 to horde the toe heard hoofskin terrible
 an abstract emblem now weapon
 to the abstract emblem of your body