Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ando Shoeki

in the east, over the field, I see the dawn


farmer zen,

[looks up at the moon]

wild grass, wild Cáoxī,
enlightenment is sudden,
kunimasu breaks the surface
kunimasu disappears

old man Ōsanshōuo
hiding coming out
back and forth for years..


from soto he came back
to the devastated fields
to the starving, sick
infested villages


there are no hungry ghosts here
there are no miasmas
or spirits

this foul thing
was done by man


as the lotus
must sit simple
and glow

i must sit down to write
of the actual

there is only
and i must minister
just as Empress Komyo

human full and empty organs
heaven and earth parasites
there is no need for human systems
governments and men
must listen and learn
from the land

all we need is nature
or the animals
will judge us harshly


practical techniques
for the ordinary
human full and empty organs

language is a prison of estrangement
language is leading us away
from the voice of heavenandearth itself
language is the cause of every human

heaven-and-earth has its own voice
and every thing we say
is but the saying of the name
of heaven-and-earth

all things make sounds, pictures,
all things do what the human
full and empty organs do

language can only say the name
i have been noting events for 101 volumes

as the snake crawls in the field
so does the sound
as the snake-tastes-listens-thinks-moves
so does my quill

all shall be known