Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Puce Politicos In Obsidian Cave Custard's Bingonging

Paul De Man has already performed the analytical support that confirms
at least the rhetorical basis for my theory of narrative as
'the fool's way', ie Narr-ative:

Thus the systematicity at the heart of narrative, itself singular, "will always be interrupted, always be disrupted, always be undone by the ironic dimension which it will necessarily contain".

But what if the Narrative is precisely the disruption of Narrative, or more figuratively, the processes contained by singularity?

Perhaps we should look at the difference between test and text as purely poetic, or perhaps
we should move further into the space of the Il-y-a, into an absolute Irruption, or


which purposively dissolves the boundaries between Intelligibility and Unintelligibility
into the purest

Jellibeinicity, as in

Like, man, jellybean city,