Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Johann Zoffany

Labore et Constantia

La Martiniere Old Boys (Blacks and Tigers)

La Martiniere Old Boys (L.M.O.B) was founded in 1873 and during its centenary 100 years in 1973 won the major tournaments in Calcutta under the leadership of Dada Osman. The L.M.O.B. mascot was drawn by Cris Rowe in 1976.
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, LMOB had a legendary player in the name of Sydney Edge, famous for his signature drop kicks. Also round about this time at La Martiniere school, there were the outstanding Armenian brothers - Romek and Armen, who were also school captains during these times.
Another renowned player-cum-manager was Iqbal Ahmed in the mid 1960s who played as a prop in the scrum. The legendary players of his time were Dada Osman who even captained the side, Babul McLeod, Mathew Kurian, Milford Hennessy, Nandu Chandavarkar, and Peter and Richard Hooper(brothers.
In the 1980s the renowned players were Tony and Steven McLuskie (brothers), Herman and Chris Bulsara, Naresh Ojha, K.C. Lee, Philip Kuruvilla and David Yah.
Some of these players won the M.V.P.(Most Valuable Player) award during the All India Tournaments.
In 1982 the college reached its prime when in an All India Tournament in Calcutta, both its teams, L.M.O.B. (Blacks) & (Tigers) made it to the finals.