Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jellybean Remembers

Here's Jeff Kelley the author of the book below, after our student 'happening' in like 1988
which was called PUDDING WRESTLING! We totally had a huge turn-out, but Jello pudding got on everything, and basically it degraded into a kind of medieval painting ala Brueghel. I really don't know why Jeff couldn't see the Breughel in Pudding Wrestling. Poor Jeff. Art History will never be the same!
This was our second performance. The first was in a warehouse and it was huge! it was cherry jello.


This is Jeff Kelley pictured with Alex Mena. Alex and I were the announcer characters in the performance. I played a character called Adolf Valentino, and I actually had a Hitler/Chaplin moustache, and was wearing a 1920 maroon velvet smoking jacket once owned by a popcorn tycoon of San Francisco! No wait. That was Jello wrestling. I just had some thriftstore stuff on in this one, and no moustache. It is really hard to live
with a Hitler moustache!