Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Peahead Salad: Bob n John Giplumbo

falawnkey donkey ruda
het minilifinstirrup su zonata
todadium difludium
mu moled lumu humust to
mong bagged blugerenfantilomi

tad spoert

like a tribble head
floating with a sentient
which is its dog

the one red eye
Satan Chang Runaway

a hippy of 19wheeler halotrains
dot galing the turso shiminsh
the flexi-ribbed weevzul penning
its drure makapuluplakkettttingggu
beakers for falalalumpendumplein old narr
ought dive

bug thumping a weeper valve
in a hollowed out star pi, pe?

goonder plilanther
whilst philuluminantheria
dost ruda wit lilialutheriamonkonkilunkina

blifrague of hutchmidunderini
tundra bus

where hovery flitter heads
watch their own monocles
zip around passing mesom phot
on wah

mah ham on wah wah
nam du maw