Friday, February 11, 2011


  1. Shneuh? Slugmunch. Shlarp crunch. Shrimp slug slurpie.

    Nice rock surface. Pleasant and warm. Feels good and dusty under strangely-feeling unperspiring tired yet wildly alive hand.

    An odd smell pervades and stays under the edge of awareness all the time: the drug in the bloodstream, it reeks strangely of crispin chemical doctor strangies.

    Lovely picture; thanks for.


  2. these are supposed to represent a lost mammoth type with a bifurcated or articulated trunk. modern elephants have less articulation.

    but i posted them because they look like slugs.

    a shaggy weird mammoth slug
    would be a trip!

  3. I had dreams (once) of giant electric slug-things with twirly bifurcated horn-things, vast and living underground, raised from maggothood in square wet concrete tubs for use as electric and mind control fixtures...the wild ones once the tools of dragons. After all, do we not still worship dipole arrays?

  4. very good call.
    interesting. i like antenna theories.
    i have a friend who is an antenna engineer.

    very cool!

  5. I wish/hope/am waiting for the certainty-of the rest of that slugdragon antennae-religion-weapon stuff to come out of my head. I think the pills may have stopped it, at least for now, though. I had a long poem going, the only continuous long one I've ever written, and those things (slugs and dragons) are waiting there, but I no longer go on three-day schizoid freakouts of writing-with-visions, which is where it was all coming from. Tricky thing the mind! Drug the pants off it, and sometimes there are functional changes. I'm happy enough with my writing now (happier in some ways), but the visions are rarer and less vivid.

    Thanks, I don't know, conversation! There are few minds about who really like to talk about things that are not "whether or not they like fire trucks" (long story, my ex was doing a preschool storytime and found her upper-level management skills...confounded!, cannot reassemble memory chains for right now, but it was applicable, rest assured) - anyway, I like fire trucks.

    Talk to ya later -


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