Monday, February 21, 2011

Hera Appears at Samos

fort uday
while editing the crimson macaroni beards
of this trireme hygene
iahappendupontsum summer

macaroon nipple religion
flowing swiss tiki campers
along the emerald anvil skulls
of Martians
once in heat
once in spectral

rebus rubies lectarting
movies, Vitruvius

their squared jaws remain
and the ridges are elongating
into wonders

and if this whole polis plunges into the chasm
with only the wondrous jawbone tied to a shaft
and its ridges elongating into wonders

the island is cut off
and the Martians are annoyed
about watching the surf shovels
display their prowess
on hovering liquid spheroids

the Adriatic
is in some photos
showing its sandy

last year
no known quintuplets
were modified
in psite of the psound

Anaximander's poor babies
could not be removed from the model

in our green lotion
we go on editing crimson macaroni beards

tired stones
sitting in lamplight

fish taking sex
into stuffed gills

flowers cannot hurt us
tasty Martians
stupite u redove!