Monday, February 21, 2011

Ode to a Brain Mangler

'that's a real game changer'

Lady Gaga, why do I see you
dressed like Perseus and holding
up the head of Madonna
ala Cellini?

Lady Gaga, or should I call you
Brain Mangler?

Brain Mangler, is there anything more
controversial than full body external brain armor?

Brain Mangler, when did your self-extruding
meat wig machine evoke a Medusa
dressed in old McDonald's bags?

Lady Mangler, when you arrive
in a brain of pheasant pate',
will you be the wine-soaked walnut?

Brain Mangler, if you come as Perseus, or Purseus,
to our town, consider wearing scuba tanks of pressurized
pheasant pate' hidden under your little Greek cape,
and have your cod piece extrude a column, let it
flecond about, dong in face like, and chased by crackers.

Do a Venice themed show, and play Casanova
bringing out all the beefcake dressed in duckfat.

Have Madonna take out her glass eye on stage,
show her tail and luminous blue addendum, redo
the scene from Beneath the Planet of the Apes
when the great golden bomb phallus emerges
like a turd from the altar. Let Madonna be the
hairless doge of the post-apocalyptic molerat people.

Let Madonna bring down the bomb on its side,
let Madonna make that phallus limpen
by showing it her naked brain pate'..

Have it be a buffet from Belshazzar,
have it be the chrthontic feast at the origin
of Erdo. Let Darwin's Origin of Species
be renamed to FOODOO GOBBLINS..

Brain Mangler, I see you
Wearing nothing at all
but a little black box
over your Renaissance rectum,
or maybe you are wearing a distribution
of little black boxes all over, it's just a
suggestion, don't put a mohawk of
forks in my brain!