Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Can I Do You For?

(Italian Movie Mistress)

balcony arrays of Paris veiled
a tile relates well-winged dolphin flowers
to both viewers who hem the how to a body
fitted to honey and nuts...

O illuminated cloud!
misty rusty mast head:

On there 'e kept four theoroi
which were the philo-dough golem..

phaneronoemikon: what just took a wave?
cooking blind metabolism and theory

phaneronoemikon said,
i use his theory called Dionysus 9 (Moralia)
fire folded carefully in himself only
example: in the gods of its sprinkled
afterbirth installation, the balcony arrays
of Paris veiled a drive with filo from which the bakkhe-lava

green M
for white erotics'

lovely how E
apud Delphos
i was in sees
dionysus linger
at the is ray
the Plutarch in his
De through Chantaine
and odulus camper

the tilting O's
rich is the ear
participants non-glossy
ponderoma jag

wren balloon pupa sea
worth E trailing breast honeys..

wide into the shabby Ninnion
as well as tavern this willful gondoliers'
strap-in themselves for avatar

what is music
how cashew hives
swim elevator beards
the shower, and while

subtraction (and apollo)
as pulping wheat faced
mechanical of metaphor,
but counterweight of a
"metabole" (transformation)

which 'branches' etymology
would that his symbol buy
the fitful crush must be?

bakkhe is both rahul
the is ray
eel eye
the vessel d'amico

jag unimaga
jag sanka ra jag
a line's rich of Merzellina

where the quay said
half clad zazoni suns to relate
directly at mania
and branches

Aristotle eye-sockets

jag rahul
crone thinking about display

a web of~

Nrittavasane Natarajarajo nanadadhakkam navapanchavaram |
uddhartukamah sanakadisiddhan etadvimarshe sivasutrajalam ||

Inwritten Ritters to aver a seine,

Sane natural rage, our rage, on

Non-adding dada cameras' naval panchos.

A verile ram's heart udder took cayman

As a caddy, a divan of handy dates,

'A nether'd marshy she-vowell'

Sutured to a jeweled lamb, &lamed in the el,

But even.