Saturday, February 12, 2011


a mile high cube of imperial purple porphyry
hangs quixotically in the infinite depths
of the flat white void, solid
and listing slowly on some invisible

slowly brightly feathered slugs approach it
gracefully modulating though an undulus

feathers of flat transparent plagioclase
bear colors which vary through the course
of the undulus

and as the creatures approach the cube
the stone is swiftly swept away
as if the very molecular bonds
suddenly shuddered into fear
or ecstasy or both

leaving smooth hollows:


1 comment:

  1. Liked the tilting of the cube; loved looking up porphyry. You are a constant education to me! Large crystals within smaller; anti-Christian philosopher (how can you philosophe against something? all things when approached are pissingly round) - thanks for another cool poem, Phano-um. Can't spell that. Jellybean! Enjoyed it quite a lot. God, it's soothing to the brain to have accurate yet deeply fucked pictures made for it. You are good at what you do, sir! Better than I can likely know; however, I have sliced pickled beets and a ham sandwich with mayo relish AND cheese, so I'm OK, really.



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