Saturday, February 5, 2011

In the great order of its privacy...

I love my parents. With my
wife, they form the trinity of
my three best friends in the world.

None of them understand me
completely, nor I, they, but
neither do they judge me too
harshly, or harshly enough,
or I them, either. We all get on
quite amiably, and cheerily.

Unfortunately it is usually
me who rocks the boat, but
never too much, or at least
not much anymore.

The older I get, the more I
tend to just sit around and stare
at things. Earth is itself, I say,
in memory of the Tao,


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  1. Katatronic is a really svelte and tasty word. You should probably be running a dance club on the side; you might be very, very popular. Possibly you already are. I don't go to any dance clubs. Imagine! A bum like me at the Katatronic. Not Let In, is what I would be. Now I must listen to Juke Box Hero. Ah, that one guitar. Actually, I am going to drink strong beer and join all my old and crappy stereos together into one dusty pile, and plug that sh*t into the laptop here in the kitchen. I have a liking for a truly cheesy new rapper, and I wish to play some of his truly cheesy rap in proper style. Too bad the Missions are blown. Happy daze!


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