Friday, February 11, 2011

The Nightmare of Self.

Car acceleration in dreams
is greatly exaggerated, the whole
car lurches wildly like a cartoon,
and it scrunches up, and instead
of a wreck for all that business,
you pull up to the side of the
road and there's a twinkle on
your tooth, ting! 'pure crystal'
Then you get out of the car and do
something which is both equally
meaningless and particularly sinister,
you toss a miniature, but not too miniature,
cardoor out into some green crevasse,
like you are hiding the murder of a Mason's
clown car, or something, and your wife pulls
up behind you in her Porsche, and
she's wearing black gloves and black

I do imagine
I have seen
an enormous clown's
head-shaped cake
with black makeup,
and red cotton-


Inside it must have
that red cake that
is popular these days,
red velvet cake
they call it.

My mother-in-law
says, that cake is
just a vanilla cake
with food coloring.

I really don't
need to accelerate
that fast anymore.