Friday, February 18, 2011

Castle of Ought Rant So

Dark Ink Amoeba, you who conch
conch conch conch conch
italian seal flipper movie
weeee stealing heddy again

mammoth with needle legs
kussing hussies in grandma's stockings
kissing M een

Inky Doodle!
where waves of whales
would wish they were king
oodling out to see
blah brain tiny tim mobile
its grasshopper steam
to purple a hangy square

steaming hats all day in a livery
by the sea

sober as a dog
by a stove with a wind pipe
and hang nail

kussing een

kissing teens can doodle
in the sea
where magic flippers pee

bright undulums of doodles
can pee where brights moons did dee

on their caps
like peas

dark amoeba peas
of ink to the sea
and dark whole beds
to drip like sponges of ink

whittling your face
from pee

break out!
brrrrake out the faces!

what moon could ever face the pea
that any inky amoeba could see

Mayans got up croistershires
have a bunny in your skull flute champaigne?

dry old bunny saucers.
skinny bunny aliens
long green teeth

blue carrots
limp blue carrots
break out!

break out Professor Long horn!

Is your moon of tawny roses
the Ottoman Empire in the Lurch?

look here at these enormous platters of mirth!

steaming with pees.