Monday, February 21, 2011

Brute Cavester!

convenient urban spiral to crystal chairman:

your plenum of ingredients vary in the mercy
of the boogimanse; by what tenets do
your circumscribed signature unglue
the misery of vestments to afford
the bisque of a roulette's lotterina?

crystal chairman replies:

rustic comparator, luminous dexterities
have always habituated pectoral garlands
when prismatic vaults were shook by
galleon infused oculi whose auspicial 
creditors moved much camorra
through abapical biolcus.

the urban spiral distends to line:

how can we resort to sadly curving  
floral galleons, when ragout veneers 
are transposed onto tenuous quantum precautions,
and palatial similitudes wander awidgeon'd
in festive gourmands?

crystal chairman:

ho! house fry! jourmundus! is the generative
world our fullest feast? what is today's world? is it
great or golden? is it the lore of goo writ gerrily?
what honey rogues testate in the passes? what groaning
opens for the circuit bank the short-stall? i think you'll
see bellow for fellow the time bank is free for all
any order becoming it, and for all that the clout
of dead men is still a midday spear!

urban spiral:

there is no such animal! in transit
would any avantum's measure trage
the symbullum...

[they disappear entangled by neighther]