Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remembering the Bad Painting Movement.

kicking dirty gizzards off a cliff
the soft mumela languors in pollen saddles
a thousand bridgelings carousing near the
mut mouth's muttering flutter valve

vibrating jelly pelvises wriggle free
of their kiss molds

two modified injector skulls
come face to face
to kiss a jelly pelvis
into being

attached to harquelungs
these pelvises become spades
to scoop up

chili gizzards
which fry in the eikon
of half slice of brass colon:

come eikon
come brass

come joy or

ichthygooey gui hooey fooey

a monkey's head
is made from a war
of spider ships

pride of professional
brick of dung

last house on the left
home of
Eparseechy Gulu