Sunday, February 27, 2011

to what chaomantic oeuvres contain

chaomantic the oeuvre
for what chasm grasps
dirt or air defend
in kind

eye flayed open upon
what breach, pen and pons
might manifest between

chaomantic nodding
where abraham the glutton
dirt or heir

and deepen the knight
whose obsidian and mirrored hull
must hide
a luminous glue, chaomantic thudding

fume, and
prow run up a ground
the sky
or clouds
loud laughing proud
some unknown sense to vary
infinite darkness only thin
to infinite asymmetry

to switch out under
the passing screens

mules and queens
to replicate in a fold
to fan
that river of screens
chaomantic the huddling
for if the knight
is a stone in the air

if music proceed at all
if night
a black mantis stair
to what asymmetry
would infinite chasm
retain no awl

some laid art on
as refrain
but harm any lesser
known call to wind
or fame

its clouds
seem friendly
if for lore
and drain'd

lore that ne'er
would thrive
without domain

names hurry
through its wide or
unfathomable membrane
and course on

to the day
and wait there

as a stone
in the shadow
to remain

no more upon
the spiny vein