Monday, February 7, 2011


Reading aloud from a translationally nameless 1929 Modern Library edition of Flaubert's Salammbo last night to Kara, I was struck by what a perfect model it is for visualization in its role as the streamer of so many still-lifes or tableaux. Food set out at a table is perfect setting for the nature morte, but as I was getting the barest outline of this yesterday, it was as if I was remembering something I had already heard, but the something was 'quite other' than the beginning. Nature Morte became something other than jargon, and also, as under cover, a phrase or assumption began to tingle in its presence as like to: Humanity inhabits nature. And then there began something like a computational string which said more or less, The Earth, or Nature, now inhabits us, and of course this isn't completely true, but human nature has grown, and thus Nature shares more of herself with our nature. At any rate, the thoughts are all gone, and there was some material about the marginal being the center, but it's all gone now. I'm sitting here wondering if this 1991 issue of the Hollywood magazine called Exit. This is #5 is worth anything. It has original art by Raymond Pettibone, Steve Cerio. Articles by John Aes-Nihil. This is sort of an underground classic. The Pettibone piece is especially interesting as it contains samplings of random literature coupled to shadows of various invented penises. It never says they are penises. It is called "The Hidden Organs". It's quite ironic and lyrical in its way. I am still amazed at the rise of Pettibone.

Oh I remember, It was something out of trying to explain how I got from

The Tao to Katatronic..

Cathode = Frog Table

(I guess).

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  1. I have Philippe Druillet's graphic novel of this story!
    Check it out on this page:

    Some really cool imagery. Plus, it's just so weird!

    Jacques Attali wrote the intro, which I thought was kind of a strange thing.

    Here's an interesting examination of Attali's book on music, noise and their cultural forms:'snoise.htm

    How's the crazy weather down there!? Mia said it was 81 degrees in Oakland a few days ago!


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