Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Rare Films

Die Zeit ist unser Krieg!
(released in England as _The Last Experiment_)

1977 LUX A team of six Nazi scientists complete their 'temporal transduction device'
at the close of WWII, and escape in it to various times, one of which is ancient
Egypt where they 'correct' time by removing Moses' twin from the basket in the river.
They finally settle in the far future and begin retraining the Aryan / Eloi people in agriculture and the sciences, and doing battle with the Morlocks. Camilla Sparv
and Alexandra Kluge star.

Savvaļas pamati

1965 LVA The story of a visionary woman who finds the answers to life's mysteries in her dreams,
and wanders in a wilderness singing to anyone who will listen to her extraordinary and magical
voice. She also becomes the caretaker of an enchanted tree which can also sing. Vija Artmane

Bukimina kiri [Creepy Fog]

1981 JPN A pair of ancient Greek youth are taken by an enchanted ship to a small Japanese island
controlled by ghosts and monsters. The youths trick the naughty ghosts into building them a house and use lightning and loud sounds to disturb the odd creatures. Unfortunately one of the Greek youths falls prey to a jungle fungus and becomes deformed. Naomi Tani.