Saturday, February 12, 2011


Ab-bot Rêve-all
Ab-bot Wry-vowell

I scratch my balls
in your general direction!

I hang a wild turkey
in the window.

I hide a black sack!

The King of Napoli shows you
the penultimate hunchback!

Sardanapalus, the son of Anacyndaraxes,
built in one day Anchiale and Tarsus.

Eat, drink, play; the rest is not worth that!


  1. Black sack is bad, but as long as pee isn't coming out through the are OK for a few locomotor ataxis years.

    Why do I go on the internets when drinking this miserable Infuriator of an inferior "red" wine? If I offend, please feel free to vandalize my corpse. I have just been greatly enjoying the top google for Paul Simon's "50 ways." Really great. A Japanese show. Now, someone has skyped me the link to Jeff Beck playing "Puke Over The Rainbow". It is horrible. I want to die. He should drink less, and so should I. Merry Notmas!



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