Friday, February 18, 2011

Cowlogy, and All Waer Cowlies.

pretty as a boon hardy petty purse the teddy welded witch rose to puddle rabbit
which lithe rich petal should like to write my chin a chastity table's tea biscuit on
hob rollkins and knive hoo well there's a fine doll running lips carry no mister Paine
to the garden heaping halberds and rhyme I'd terry a basketball perch where the
winter's slow mold locket should keep its glitter hearse to bed in rye and curlew
cottony pale so 10 by 6 the mustard mixes the hard cur kisses and dark dumb tapir
goes off with Kubrick and Southern to the monkey store for camera cake
Mattelasse' met a lassie where the dog tooth terror would rifle a green roo rod
and stab at the maters with the light crunching down from your tears
your hedgehog prevaileth

your hedgehog is the helium hunchback telephone umbilical
of Note or Dame
your crazy teeth
are young at heart

and cottony pale
pretty as a boon hardy
petty purse
a poculum left loudly on the loucherbem
where the dolichopodous rullions
bosk the falsobourbony
of the gully-gut and grief-lit

Here we find W.S. Gilbert
painting arabs
with a gum tree
and hyde

and tapirs come in
for meat
to the Kubrick castle

put this smooth black stone
in your water hole


deft thick