Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mondo Imaginalia

The figure cannot be reduced, its self-
displacing limbs whose feathers signal
some data to begin; can there be a prisoner
at the center of a blissful eternity?

The figure cannot be reduced, and the
center, a configuration whose figures,
combining into questions, modify the
whole, so that where there is a strain
moved into gap, or stain, there is the figure
moving, and we fill up the mold.

The figure cannot be reduced, as when
the multisingular confines its final destination
as the host, a para-site lingers over, and
the host remains, to oppose itself further
before the odds of its own chiralic endeavor.

The figure cannot be reduced, as the mind
of matter is not concealed, so configuration
must result, and before its seals we place
our lease, the same unending quiet that disappease,
noise brought forth omen from the nameless.