Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Radical Unenlightenment

The first cigar-like ship whish wash launsh
wensh whoosh...


Hello Ms. Many-Money,
Dish dash wish wash WHOOSH!

To whit: WHOOSH!

And then his excellency went out upon the black tongue of the vehicle,
his hovering elbow goiters calculating, then presenting their tiny umbrellas.

After awhile, as the foxes ran wildly from his cochlears to his bruntmessirs,
he said simply:


Don't X-sadge-errate.
Don't you ever say that word again.
Touch his skin at 12 o'clock.
You let him come in the front of the house?
Are you crazy? Come here.
I was surprised when you called.
Dot Dot Ding! What II am getting?

[Gelly Perfect Turkish]
What about me?

These kids, these damn Laocoons!
I lake the COMO ITALY!


Can't you get along with my jaws?
Bar Mishkin!
Ospurpy you crying? Whow would like to~

{its naniflow]
just like that, I mean
I could love a fight.
It's salt-confederate.

{Think all you want, it's fisical violens..]

It'll be a pleasure, lady.

I've been wanting to be PSYCHONOMADIC!

hey, let me in!
[oh no!]

blackmailing too?

Scene closes on little trumpets
dancing in the bookshelves.

Keep your humping to yourself!

You think its all sunshine?


(with pleasure!]

"here's the money!"