Monday, February 7, 2011

Rare Films

Flea Tank! (orig. FR title: Voler dans les airs, une puce!)

1966 FR  A group of psychic teenagers recieve strange
visions of a dead inventor's secret laboratory beneath the
Eiffel tower, and use his "flea tank" to save the world
from an evil madman named Gombo Donquin played by Bernard
Le Coq. 99 min. [subtitled]

It is Hate, My Eye

1973 UK  A creepy, but lovable hermit builds
a giant castle out of milk cartons and floats
on the sea for years eating fish and diving
for sunken treasure. Geoffrey Horne stars.
110 min.

Snake Love

1958 IT  Love story set in ancient Rome between the
prophetess Sibylla and Lucius Tarquinius Superbus,
the seventh and final King of Rome. Special Effects
include a giant snake with a temple on its back, and
an orgy held on top of a nest of giant snake's eggs.
Carlo Dapporto, and Rosanna Schiaffino 98 min. [subtitled]