Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lamb Prawn's Sufi

you're a wonderful chalice in sewing
now which once should it merry
you look very well
upon the tike of tied writes
hiss sparrion

now about christmas
i can fry fuhror carrion
yes there came a blonde clamor

blonde beard clams

[ding ding
[ding ding

JAMES MASON's pure crochet tromp loyal admiral

row for bot
any bay

any bay for bots

water in a bay
heavy thick and wax-like water
you are the sleep sick sexy
of blonde clamors
gone christmas in hyle
[ding ding
[ding ding

I'd like to know however people
these tall lamb lamps

these gigantic lamb-pods hovering

these ottoman lamb-pupas
shining in the noisoleum

these lamb-pupa sentries wearing turbans ajutted with flintlocks
and carbines

the triumph loyal lamb-furred brain-pod-lamps
hovering over the yellow river

this ceramic dam
all decorated with grotesque balconies
like masks whose tiaras
are people waggling
their illuminated lamb-pupa through
bifurcating witch drum-dendrites
into martini ceviche'

these chinese ottomans
on lamb furred ceramic saddles
riding wild bifurcating mandibles

motorized and bucking mandibles
that go inside the gills

the jerky gills
that sigh silky bubbles
of lamb-prods

why do however people become
mask follicles martini
cave boats?

when we enter deep cave waterfall balconies
in our illuminated ceramic lamb-masks
do our lamb-bustles vibrate
and release bucking mandibles
through hip grilles?

are a wonderful chalice in sewing
and if a tapir should haul fleecy harrows
on into bony halls

give your hot dog lamb springs
to however any
turkey paws

gleaming giants heads
are used as architecture underground!