Thursday, February 3, 2011

Berth of a Gnashin'

It was not our fault we had this
garage happening. When the demon
head headbelly hill bell ominously
yukata olive paste totally
truth wawa pedal hyphenaut
peed bread

rubber wound bats spock bach

spock bach
like soft tidal 1970's dam walks

all along the wasser front
its ivory and underground city
grown from a modified animal socket
toward its all encompassing

curly genie shoe lamp-oon

dry poon hump moon
is sun
you political finally
while rotting into space gnarl
like whoosh

wow. garage is totally venison in the rough
peed. hop-to fluorescent poster parlor
imagine hubble bubble
partial velvet of le chat.

No matter what girly.
And by that it means
hellbelly garage smoke publications.

Can you decide
high powered nozzle

Imagine nozzle array.
Nozzle array tiara.
tiered tiara nozzle array.
a ray of tiered tiara nozzle arrays
to ray on
through all spazz and tim

tiny rebuttal.

the magus
of garage happenings
is small

harshly defining

and wilting unable
to procure
the things you need
to survive
the final cataclysm,

it's sound.