Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buggery Amid Tides of Crashing Gadgets.

It peels the crusts off these
more structured worlds
and splays them like floating skins
amid the shattered
and sputtering remains
of their mother stars, until
they too, wrench apart
into peaces.

It sends forth great and terrible
devourers that gobble whatever
each happens to come across
(a Jupiter, a Mars, a Saturneon's)
and outputs a weird and useless marvel.

Like a mindless and Savage Rosa,
this Slavior is a painter of wild catastrophe
set loose in cosmic proportions, and these
gobblers are her bandits, and beggars,
and exploding worlds and suns, the ruins
and the twisted trees.

All it needs is a comics rating.
And a silver surfer.