Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Justice Quitting the Earth and the Wheel of Fortune.

There they tumble, like 
bingo numbers in a crystal 
skull, waiting for the rubber 
tongue, camping the mother-
fucker until it comes, waiting
for the treasure drop,

Oh Nectar!
(It's vaguely natural, the rumors about you..)

In olden times, when things meant more,
when success looked more ominous, or
if the dwarf in your village hadn't rubbed
its foul body among the potatoes, then.

Improper Englishes, and 
Bad Painting.

How hard to tell why this wide tree, why
YY XX oh! this
single lake in Africa has such a rich history,
it's fine to notice how unjust the Earth really is,
but why not just starve it of denizens?

What's this horseshit?

 "Keep silent unless what you are going to say is more important than silence". 

Bah. Blather on in any fashion, for all

is silence.