Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Wild Duck.

there is good in all things
the fact that the Teng brothers
had served in the local security
force was important to the uprising
in its initial stage m
embers of the team were recruited
from among the peasants
and were trained in the use of
flow weapons (las-don rucking)

figuratively, a flood, influx,
or rush of anything, marked by
unusual volume

mafic volcanism

Mr. Charles R. Drum
one of the team experts
on this message
spoke before our Sabbath

mutiny, insurrection, upheaval,
uprising, revolt, insurgence,
revolution, disturbance, riot,
uproar, violence. outburst л

group, troop, gang, troupe,
company, detachment, detail,
band, force, squad, corps,
team, crew, muster

Tweedey including Cypher.

Uruk. Transhumant.

She is neurotic, controlling,
guilt- inducing, and homely.
He finds her irresistable,
like looking over the railing
from Mystery Science Olivia
Cold Smoke Daniel Barenboim
Berliner Luft Doctor Gore The
Empire White Knuckle Extreme
From Relapse: Birthday Party
Chobits Persocom Neurosis A
Sun That Surprise Dangaioh
Hyper-Never Sets Miss

Charles Chaplin's brilliant,
hilariously incisive satire
about Man caught in age of
mechanization and hard
sugar wigs at Orchomenus.

Gore Vidal.
Part bubbles
in brazen kettles,
part splutters
on spits; while
the whole room
drips with gore.