Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bikini Bandit

Each of them wears
a golden dragon mask
and they sit around a tiny house
the ceremony involves
a dugong smoking a pipe
while flying through
a typhoon

its long catfish whiskers say
tied to a telephone
black spaghetti
my thin cylindrical house
light cone
Shah Midden Sac
Inca Inka Unko

Christopher Lee
is a golden Dragon
and Klaus Kinski
must kill him

both are dormant for winter
inside sleeping catfish

The dugong is like a zeppellin
that people paint
and someone paints on an elephant trunk

here is the Prince of Elephantine
special jade flipper extensions graceful muse
the storm
the dudeen
also jade

works like a snorkel
in the eye of a hurricane
minute business relations
are visible under the sky lens

where things are moving
the ceremony
tends toward unlocking
the little house on the table

where the golden dragons sit
there is always danger

try wearing a heavy golden helmet
while slogging through
thousands of sloppy howling universes

it would make
dudeen smoking dugong
take wing in a typhoon

says Christopher Lee.