Friday, April 15, 2011

Joseph Skywalker Barameter

Do you take this fait

Do you kiss sweet lettuce
from the dish
and sleep like a radish
in the Pantheon
of bliss?

Dear Joseph Skewlaker Von Barometer housing gell,
will you swell into the image of our


Will you put the mask of Charon Vader upon
what yonder clonsheep? Will you rhetorical and
apotropaic art replace some narrative
with an argument?

is always

Or is it that rare?
Is it that rare thing, O Maleos-on-the-Oreontes..

 the Philistines are
said to have made golden versions
of their own swellings,
effigies of mice
in heavy Palladium, how could we tell them
that the hearth of telein was that of telling


Our Earth is holy if at all
because of its oddity, because
it is weird, strange, an anomaly.

Look deeply into the face
of the anomaly.

That Gorgon
is the body of Bara
as painted by David,

The King of Ancient Israel,
and Clarion Oracle
of the Rebel Federation.

Let us roast jabba jowls
on the good hutt altarship lollyPOP!
of Doctor Phibes,