Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nietzsche's Moustache Named Kyklos

my centaur only eats paper

cat pepper
relay chewed by rats
in hay of dry winter whistling
bathing parlor

moloch moloch
cat farmer
in red underwear

centaur licking lips
for pork chop
among the sad old trinkets
you knew the molochule
too well

put it in a saddle bag
across these many years to me
to deify
these blue veins flowing to the side
over tiny elvis
who kisses cats
where spider dust cacti
black the belly parlor
mif fuz du

parallel boles dismay

bode dark
your hut has nail
but no good window

you'll see me rum patty buskin
i can be packaged
for the great return

odd growth habit

the rubber lamp cycle
launches up into omen starred
hear the holding

gondwana babble cranes
lift the old thing head from the river again
then let it fall back in
slithering with car horns
like eels
in a camphor mush
gave out but never got very far in

I swim out of another frame
from another further cave
to camp in its gaze

the pious cat
nuturing aloneness
as perfect purr

a circle
the triangle
in a drawer
cover up
more head off to some coffee
he fell from hole
in the above part of a hill
silt you tilt head in
a belt of hours
the stable that bundled lettering
to shuffling
you carry note
telling you blinding thatch

fissured arson
park it