Monday, April 11, 2011

They Drink, But Know Not Where Thair Yulin Grows

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guttoon newt wado pofa dulilucaveamix
noosh shu amik sho dofa
ambi cubicla dulito shahabrulai
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wanpi mawl
lawa pulawa mupawa lampi
ipu ali nolipula
awaw reru duliputali
noosh sotto varlote'
virlotto comsa


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urine falcon aglamuidon
cacti chandilier
where owl nous Musa hammerhead naso

naso flange

snotty cornawalliam

verbender geena donkey puvicht
lobbing rubber brain sandal
to racketsa rubiotomy

earth blonde
brain sandal
from munchithikissed

pa, i caint get my rooter
out his old skull

pole barn doctor tobacco
elongation for mu chickens

seven rubber hobo daughters
access bronze lupus nodules
under fictive


Rights are Hamadryad
to Bonzoletti Bandeto

Carving Harley Greentooch
he plays with old mummies in the garden mogla

his cheek rattkes
love potato dolls to grow in the joints
of the sunshine

the old hides are himmel
the dank air
is a hyle of tit lures for an overman
that never dries the dishes

these dishes sing out over the noise like
neon stroodle pleats

pie bald
laid heraclitusk
down into a tumulus
of ice cold fire

its organs are as changeable
as paper lionfish over the prairie

see how this grainy mongolian
give head
to dog

whatever was know
to the columbia

primitive head jugs
for collectors