Saturday, April 9, 2011

Samurai in your Living Room

Well, it turns out the artist who prepared the installation I was in last night was Einat Amir. She is living in Paris at the moment but is from Jerusalem, and has lived in New York.
The installation was kind of a funky oriental rug, a wooden coffee table (yay, coffee!) and a trippy old couch.
The piece worked in a really funny way as it was situated at this Juergen Teller / Ezra Petronio opening
and had all these fashionistas trolling around. I read some of my writing and drank beer and later in the night Kara and I kissed. It turns out that Einat's pieces have had kissing in them before. At any rate it was really fun, and lots of people came and went. I even met a woman from Venice, and lots of other people. I met an artist from Mexico city, some woman who was an official from GE. It was funny though, the art of what we were doing was mostly lost on the fashion people. They would come by and see the furniture and either make a face at you, or say eww or something, and then set their fucking drinks down inside the installation!  Oh well.

Look to the floors
where doberman size amoebas of black ink
slither in the shadows.

I read a piece called THEFT
that I didn't remember at all
and it knocked my socks off too!

I was like, I should be writing like this, and then
it was noted that it was inspired by an Alan Sondheim piece.

Thank you Alan.

The last piece I read
had my dead body being found
years from now
by an old man
with a dog named Robert.

Anyway, I think one of the best parts was near to the end Einat came and hugged me.
That was nice.

I'm going to my first Art Fair today! I wish I could go to the Venice Biennale.
Maybe someday.